I’m four months pregnant and have been off of Cymbalta since January. During my first trimester I didn’t have any fibro flare-ups that I can recall. Now that I’m in my second trimester, I’ve been battling fatigue and pain again, at about the levels I was experiencing before I found relief with Cymbalta about a year ago.

Because Cymbalta has not been proven safe for use during pregnancy, my options have been pretty limited as far as treating my symptoms medicinally. My rheumatologist recommended a “safe” Rx of an anti-depressant, but that would only aid in stabilizing my mood and improving my ability to cope with my symptoms. And I have a basic distrust of pharmaceuticals and don’t wish to expose my baby to any chemicals unless we’re talking life or death here. So I’ve chosen to go sans the meds.

One thing I have found that shows promise of helping: water aerobics. My husband and I just joined our local Y, which has an indoor swimming pool. They keep the pool at a comfortable 82-85 degrees and I’ve attended two water aerobics classes so far. After the first class, I felt so refreshed, I actually got a little teary-eyed when discussing it with my husband. It’s just been so long since I’ve been able to exercise and finish with a good feeling, that it made me feel overwhelmed to find something that I feel like I can handle.

Yoga and pilates were my exercise forms of choice before I got pregnant. By about my second month, I couldn’t do my regular routines anymore, partly due to nausea, partly due to my thickening waist. I’ve tried prenatal yoga and pilates, and they just haven’t been as rewarding as regular yoga and pilates. But I can’t write them off completely – they are better than nothing.

I’ve invested in a maternity back brace. I bought it earlier this week and haven’t needed it just yet, but there were a few days last week and the week before that I could’ve really used it. So I’m sure it will get put to good use before long.

I’m thinking about trying some massage therapy. My insurance doesn’t cover it, but I think it might help. I’ve tried massage before and it really helped. So I’m currently researching what’s available locally.

Other than that, I’m sleeping like a champ – and my doc says that I should rest just as much as I feel I need to. I didn’t have the “first trimester fatigue” but it’s hitting me this trimester. It may be due to allergy season – it’s hitting me hard this year. All I know is getting lots of sleep and resting often has become a must!